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"Agrodimex" Ltd. performs forecast, signaling, investigation and diagnosis of economically important pests in each crop. We have 25 graduate engineer agronomists, technologists and plant protection specialists. They are mobile, available to customers of Agrodimex at any time - including weekends.

Buying and renting of land

"Agrodimex" Ltd. is buying and renting agricultural land in north-eastern Bulgaria

Buying and storing of agricultural products

"Agrodimex" Ltd has concrete silos and 3 bases with flat warehouses, if necessary, carry out a drying of production.

Decontamination of seeds

Decontamination of seeds is carried out with 3 kinds of imported machines, some of which are cleaning and decontaminate seeds The machines have different performance, depending on the need and desire of the client. Decontamination is semidry, with high quality systemic fungicides. Decontamination of seeds carried out by specially trained, licensed professionals for decontamination

Decontaminated seeds are not wet and can be stored for more than a year without losing its germination and without requiring sowing the next day!

Delivery department 

Fast and accurate delivery to the customer of fertilizers, seeds and plant protection solutions The company has its own freight vehicles with capacity from 2 to 25 tons.