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Agrodimex offers high-quality seeds (Limagrain, Maisadour, Pioneer, Syngenta, Euralis etc.) For a number of crops, it has exclusive rights for the sale of leading world companies, as well as their own officially registered developments of high-yielding hybrids.


Agrodimex company offers high-quality sowing material,

together with the most comprehensive technology for high yielding production of oilseed rape.

Rapeseed Hybrids

Agrodimex offers all the high-yielding and plastic rapeseed hybrids on the Bulgarian market

Because of their great variety, for more information please contact our sales representatives in your area !

LG Absolut

Exclusively imported into Bulgaria from "Agrodimex" Ltd.

Rapeseed hybrid. Tall, powerful plants with very large volume and excellent initial start and development before winter.


 Absolut is an attractive restored hybrid variety with a gross output comparable to leading hybrids. Absolut has TuYV resistance and a significantly higher yield potential than other hybrids. Absolut also possesses pod shatter resistance, an important trait for protecting high yields. It is very vigorous and winter hardy. Absolut has shown very high gross output and yield potential across Europe, showing the variety to be very resilient across a wide geographic area.