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Agrodimex offers high-quality seeds (Limagrain, Maisadour, Pioneer, Syngenta, Euralis etc.) For a number of crops, it has exclusive rights for the sale of leading world companies, as well as their own officially registered developments of high-yielding hybrids.


Variety maintenance and seed production of these varieties of barley is performed by Agrodimex


Exclusive imported into Bulgaria from "Agrodimex" Ltd.

Six-row winter barley 

Rafaela offers growers the unique genetic traits of both Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus tolerance (BYDV) and Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus (BaYMV).The conventional six-row winter barley also has very early spring development, a large plant canopy, tall straw and competes extremely well in the fight against black-grass. These characteristics, combined with strong disease resistance and high yields make Rafaela an exciting prospect.


Variety is owned by "Agrodimex" Ltd.
Two-row barley variety, grows earlier. Characterized by high cold resistance, medium resistance to brown rust - high resistance to black rot and powdery mildew. The crude protein content is high - more than 12.1%. The mass of 1000 grains is very high - over 48 g., And the hectolitre mass is over 67 kg. Productivity is of 450 to 700 kg / dka, having high levels of extract content.


Variety is owned by "Agrodimex" Ltd.

Two-row barley variety. It is characterized by stable performance throughout the country, over the test period. Resistant to lodging, very good cold tolerance. Highly resistant to brown rust and powdery mildew. The crude protein content exceeds 12.1%, and the mass of 1000 grains is 44-48 g. Hectolitre mass - 66 kg. , Productivity - 400-700 kg / dka.


Variety is owned by "Agrodimex" Ltd.

The only one bare-grained spring barley without competition on the Bulgarian market.
Spring two-row / bare-grained / barley grain of Biser is used as raw material for bread. The variety is filed for registration of the company "Agrodimex" Ltd. and author of the variety prof. Hristo Ivanov Gorastev registered in 2007. The plants are medium to high. During the testing period in years 2004-2008 , Variety shows good biological and farming qualities. Average yield of 490 kg / dka. The vegetation period is 90 days. The average crude protein content as a percentage of absolute dry substance for the testing period is 14.49%. Against artificial infectious background variety was reacted as intermediately susceptible to powdery mildew and leaf rust resistant.


Variety is owned by "Agrodimex" Ltd.

The variety is filed for registration of the company "Agrodimex" Ltd. and author of the variety prof Hristo Ivanov Gorastev registered in 2007
The plant is medium high with intermediate type of growth. Grows average earlier. Long and medium dense class The variety has been tested for biological and farming qualities three years. Shows the average sustainable yield of 593 kg / dka Good resistance to lodging and refraction, average cold resistance Good tolerance to powdery mildew and rust Very good qualities for brewery.


French barley variety
Winter forage barley. Six-rowed class, average plant height and average grain size As a result of genetics perspective, the variety is highly productive and has excellent tolerance to economically important diseases. After the excellent performance of the variety in the different agro-climatic conditions in our country, company "Agrodimex" make it available to all its customers in Bulgaria