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Plant protection

Agrodimex offers wide-spectrum, highly effective and the most favorable plant protection products, covering the entire range of economically important pests in all crops grown in Bulgaria.


Higher yields and higher quality with products supplied by AGRODIMEX


Exclusively imported into Bulgaria from "Agrodimex" Ltd.
Organic liquid fertilizer and biostimulant for foliar and soil application. Increases yield and quality of production!
• Accelerates the formation of amino acids.
• Accelerates the absorption of the nitrite nitrogen from the soil.
• In stressful situations activates defense powers of the plant and reduce losses.
• Siapton serves as a source of sulfur, nitrogen and essential amino acids in plants


Exclusively imported into Bulgaria from "Agrodimex" Ltd.
Complex of nitrogen, zinc and microelements in a chelated form. In all crops shown strongly increases the yield!

• For use in wheat, barley, rapeseed, maize and sunflower.
• Plants treated with Root easier convert sunlight into energy, from which the culture becomes stronger and with greater root system.
• This improves attachment and the ability of plants to extract moisture and nutrients.
• Stimulates also synthesis of auxins and chlorophyll, increased cold resistance and good wintering. Maize increases the size and number of seeds in the head.

Silwet Gold

Exclusively imported into Bulgaria from "Agrodimex" Ltd.
Organosilicones - no washout by rain begun to fall in 15-20 min. After deployment of the working solution!
Dries instantly after treatment.
Wetting agent for application together with fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and mineral fertilizers.

• The whole preparation is retained on the the leaves , does not drain.
• Increases the effectiveness of the products, especialy in leaves with wax coating or fuzzy ones.
• Reducing the amount of working solution (from-10-40%)
• Reduces foaming in the preparation of working solutions

Elastic Ultra

Exclusively imported into Bulgaria from "Agrodimex" Ltd.
100% synthetic latex
Super adhesive for use in rapeseed, beans, etc.

• Adheres on treated object and causes resistance of fissing and spreading seeds of maturity, wind, water or other mechanical irritants.
• Elastic - reduces bursting of the pods and seed dispersion, thus lowering losses before and during harvesting of more than 30%.